50% off on all Creator licences until the end of April

Hello dear LightAct users,

We hope you are all staying healthy in these challenging times?

The epidemic and the lockdowns have a profound effect on everyone working in the AV industry. If any, then it’s the live-events sector among the most affected ones. It’s not much of an event, if it’s limited to 5 people, is it (or whatever is the limit in your country).

When the epidemic started to shut down one country after the other, we asked ourselves what can we do, as a company, to help.

Besides signing up all of our spare GPU time to foldingathome (it donates spare GPU time to find a cure for the virus) and, obviously, switching to working from home, we thought of cutting our prices.

We imagine that a lot of you might have a bit more time on your hands than you would want and some of you might consider using it to polish your skills in the tools of your choice. So until the end of April the prices of all Creator licences are cut by 50%. If you want to apply the discount, just enter ’ timetolearn ’ coupon code on our website.

Stay healthy,
everyone at LightAct

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I’m thinking of moving forward with the purchase.
But it’s still April, I think, and the coupon doesn’t apply. Could it be because of the time difference?
I have entered “timetolearn” but the screen says “This coupon has expired.” at the top of the cart screen.


Good to hear you are thinking of taking a dive into LightAct. :+1: :partying_face:

The coupon should work now. Sorry for the confusion.

Let me know if you face any issues.


Thanks,I can only choose a payment method by Paypal, can’t I pay directly by credit card?
I want to pay with my company credit card.

That issue has been cleared up.
I made a payment with my company’s Paypal account.

Thanks Atsushi!

Just to clear this up for the others: at the moment, if you are making the purchase on our webshop, it is only possible to pay via PayPal. We can, however, send you a quote which would give you all the bank details to pay with a regular bank transfer.