Art-net and other questions

I wanted to ask witch Art-net net and subnet LightAct use? I can't get through to touchdesigner…
I also wanted to ask how i can fx. add a stream of lets say floats to a parameter so all values get added. I have played around with the add block and a value reader that feeds it self, but it does not add the values.
Also how can i send all that’s gets rendered by the Render block over Spout? The Spout block only takes a texture…


Thanks for your questions and sorry for the late reply.


Can you please tell me more about what exactly you are trying to do? Is TD running on the same computer or on another on the network?

Float adding

Could you please add some screenshots of which nodes you are trying to use? So you are trying to add a float value to all float values in a float array, is that correct?

Getting texture from canvas

You can use Get Canvas Texture node to get a texture from a canvas and then connect it to Spout Sender.

Let me know how it goes,

Thanks for getting back!

I’m running TD on the same machine, the settings looks like this:

Don’t think i can use an array since the values will keep coming.
I’m trying to do something like this:
See next post due to image limitations…

So i need to sample the value from the value reader, as fast as the values are coming in.


Hi there,

So LightAct uses sequential universe numbering which is done in the properties of an Art-Net node in the Devices window.

In the background this number is split to Net(0-127), Subnet(0-15) and Universe(0-15). You’d need to make sure that the numbers match, but if you set both to 0, it should work.

However, please note that Art-Net uses the same port 6454, which might give you some problems with trying to use TD on the same computer.

Let me know how it goes,