BugSplatRC resource DLL not found

Hello everyone,

Hopefully someone can guide me on this error. I keep getting a BugSplatRC resource DLL not found on 3 different machines with fresh installs of LightAct 4.3.

They do happen fairly often, somethings for apparently random reasons, for exemple, making a new project.

However, I did found a couple ways to trigger them consistently:

Whenever I try to disable a communication device - OSC, TUIO or MIDI - it will trigger the error.

Trying to enable Transmit to others on an OSC receiver will trigger it instantly.

You can see a video of it here: lightact bugreport - YouTube

I’ve tried reinstalling LightAct 4.3, restart ing my machine. I’ve also tried multiple computers with existing and new projects and I get the error systematically.

Anyone could point me in the right direction?

Hi @Mr_Saboteur ,

Thanks for the detailed report. We managed to reproduce the issue and it will be fixed in next release.


Hey Mitja,

Thanks for your reply. Since this is a crucial feature for our setup, is there any download link for a previous version where I could use it?


Hi @Mr_Saboteur,

This issue is already in the ToDo list and should be fixed this week. We have relase 4.3.1 planned for next week which will include the fix, but if you need it sooner we can send you an unofficial install package.

When do you need this feature and can you please describe your workflow in more detail? We can talk over email or on a video call if you prefer :slight_smile:


Hey Mitja,

Thanks for the follow-up, I didn’t realize the new release would be this quick, I’m pretty sure we can wait until then. We’ll be integrating on premises during September and October, we’re just making sure of the full workflow before diving too deep into production.

Our major need is to share Augmenta’s Fusion data between 3 servers to sync the interactive visuals of an immersive room. Receiving both TUIO and OSC signals within Notch Blocks running on each servers is essential for our project and sharing the data directly between LightAct instances seems like the best way to do it. We have a demo with the client planned during the week of July 5th, but I don’t think we’ll be using the array of servers for it. If we do, I think we can broadcast the data on the network if we don’t have other alternatives, but this is not something I would be comfortable with for the production environment.

I think we already have a meeting planned for next week, so let’s talk about it more in depth at this time since this week is pretty packed on my end.

Talk to you soon!


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