Controlling moving heads in UE4 with DMX

Someone asked this over email

Hello! I love your software! I have a quick question for you, is there any way of mapping artnet into Unreal Engine in such a way to control lots of moving lights in the same way you would for a live concert? I am a lighting technician in the events industry and I'm trying to find a way of basically recreating a real lighting rig in unreal and controlling the lights live. Do you think that's possible? Thank-you for your time!

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It should be possible to use Art-Net listener node in Devices window and then route the data to UE4.

However, then you’d have to use Blueprints in UE4 to do all the logic in terms of ch1=rotationXFixture1, ch2=rotationXFixture1, ch3=rotationXFixture1 and so on…

It’s a bit high-level answer, I know, but I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


That was me!
Thank-you for your answer, where would be the best place to find out more about doing that? On the Unreal forums?
I’m guessing it would need to be something along the lines of creating a skeletal mesh with bones and mapping the artnet values to XYZ values of that mesh?
How would you control the intensity and colour etc?

Thank-you again

yeah, UE4 forums would definitely be a better place for that :slight_smile: