Cue list external control

Hello. Can I use external control via OSC or Art-Net for control cue list? Or maybe I can go to the marker no matter where I am on the timeline via external control?

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If you create a Layer that is always active, then it can always listen to external controls and go to the desired Markers or Sections.

A common approach is to create an entirely new Timeline, that will be active for the whole duration of the show. The Timeline would be populated with a Layer that extends across it, which we will call the External Control Layer.

In this Layer, you can add a Variable, which will listen to an external OSC or DMX source. Depending on the data you receive, you can jump to a different Marker or Section using the Go to marker and Go to section nodes.

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One more thing actually, @Siemens ,

In the upcoming 4.6.0, you’ll be able to directly control various aspects of LightAct using incoming DMX. Triggering Cues is just one of them.


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Thank you. I thought about this solution, but wanted to make sure of it.

Hi that’s great news