Curve Editor lightact3

Hello guys I have some trouble using the curve editor in LA 3
Is there a way to set up the curve in linear way and edit the point with numerical value… seems like there is only Bezier option… Am I missing something?


Hello Raphael,

Good to hear from you again. LA3 is being discontinued and in a few weeks we will stop supporting it. It also has way fewer functionalities and features compared to LA4.

Is there any chance you’d migrate your project to LA4?


Hi meetya, yes I can try, I have perpetual licence for LA3, is this ok for the LA4 or do I need to update my licence as well, and second, is it possible to migrate a project from LA3 to LA4 ?


We can upgrade your license from LA3 to LA4 free of charge, we just need you to send us a license update request file.

On the second question, I’m afraid it’s not possible to migrate yet. You would need to create it from scratch.

All the best,