Does LightAct 4 work with any Stereo Cameras for Tracking?

I was wondering if LightAct 4 worked with any stereo cameras for interactive tracking. Like the cameras from At one time I think you had a similar solution. Or is there away to track people for interactive lights using a 3rd party integration.



Funny you should ask. We just integrated ZED camera and implemented several computer vision nodes.

These features will be available in the next release of LightAct.

Let me know if you need them urgently.

All the best,

That’s great news! I have always keep LightAct in mind when I quote out creative dmx lighting installations. Sometimes my clients asked about interactivity and LightAct over the years has simpler solutions to solving that. I’m presently pitching a proposal to a client, so I’ll keep that forthcoming update in mine. Thanks for you help!!