FPS drop when clicked into Unreal

Another framerate issue here! Sent this in email but:

I’m not sure if it was happening previously, but when I run my UE4 project and am not clicked into Lightact, there’s a massive framerate drop in Lightact (Unreal still is dropped 20-30fps from the render target but that’s less of an issue):

^Video here of it happening.

I just noticed that it’s seemingly the biggest hit when I’m clicked into Unreal; clicking into Camtasia or another program does less of a FPS hit.

Any ideas?

Hello Sam,

That’s the way GPU drivers parcel out the GPU resources which is based on which app has focus.

So, depending on the project you are running of course, but ue4 consumes many more resources when it has focus.

P.s. In most of our projects we actually always keep focus on Lightact (it’s actually done automatically by Lightact Manager).

Best regards,