Free Run and no loop

Good morning.
I have been testing the free run mode (controlling a layer through arnet).
When we do not want a video to loop and even if you activate the “Hold last frame” box, the only way to play it “once” is by putting the head of the timeline at the beginning.
This invalidates the Free Run mode I believe.

I am doing something wrong?

All the best


Hi @Cueto ,

Thank you for posting.

Could you elaborate a bit more, I’m not quite sure what the issue is?

So under the following conditions:

  1. Loop == False,
  2. Hold last frame == True,
  3. Free run == True,

instead of the video only playing once, it continues playing, as if the Loop == True, unless you place the Playhead at the beginning of the Video Layer? Did I understand correctly?


No, is not that.
If the timeline is not at the beginning, (considering that in a free run execution, by arnet the timeline will always be at the end after a while) the video does not run, it goes to the last frame.


Hi @Cueto ,

Would it be possible for you to take a screen recording of this scenario? This will help me understand:

  1. The exact reproduction process,
  2. How LightAct currently behaves and how it should behave in the workflow,

as I am still unsure regarding points 1. and 2.

Thank you very much for taking the time.