FXAA preventing preview of Projector

Was following this tutorial https://youtu.be/JpPfqFkmEw4?si=FfNTfPiYzca92ewj and kept not being able to preview the projector in the calibration window. Turns out when FXAA is checked it doesn’t allow for this on my laptop running the free creator software. Once FXAA is unchecked the projector preview updates.


thanks for letting us know! Apparently this bug slipped through the cracks. We’ll issue a fix tomorrow. Sorry.

You might want to download 4.4.4 release which doesn’t exhibit this issue (or just leave FXAA unchecked for now).

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Hello @10thFloor ,

Please note we published v4.4.6 just now which has this issue fixed. You can download it here.

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