Get Texture from Canvas node - render order ignored

I’m using a Get Texture from Canvas node wired to a send to Device node to get Spout output. The signal is not showing the same as the canvas in the UI - it’s showing both layers on the canvas but not in the order the layers are arranged in the timeline tracks

Hmm, investigating more I see that track order does not indicate z-order in a canvas at all. Each canvas use seems to have the layers in an arbitrary order. Am I missing a step?

How do I set the Z-order of multiple layers on a canvas? It appears that I can drag the layers in and out of the playhead position and affect the z-order / render order a bit? Is it that the Start time determines Z-order? Is that reliable?

Hello @bwheaton ,

It seems this is a bug in the latest version. Sorry about that. We’ll fix it shortly and it will be included in the upcoming release.

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Thanks. Do you have a timetable on that? What is the intended Z-order - higher in the tracks = on top?


It can be next week, say on Tuesday or Wednesday, if you need it urgently.

Otherwise, yes, higher on the tracks => on the top.

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Is there a version that solves the Z-order bug please?



Yesterday we released 4.4.8 which should have this bug fixed.

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Seems to work as expected to me, thanks!

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