I cannot import Importing Unreal Assets in UnrealLink

I’m trying to verify this by looking at the UnrealLink documentation, but I’ve followed the steps to the Importing Unreal Assets section,
UnrealAsset is not loading.

I have been able to set up the timecode, GenLock, etc. up until just before with no problems.

Hello, there are two ways to import the asset. One way is to go to File > Import Asset. The other way is to simply click and drag the asset, as shown in the screenshot of the documentation you provided. After importing it, you must select it in the UnrealLink window by clicking on the button in front of the asset’s name.

I hope this explanation helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I was able to import it using File > Import Asset. I was unable to import using drag and drop.

Hi Atsushi,

This sometimes happen right after you install LightAct. It usually helps if you restart it.

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