Image Layer Opacity vs Video Layer Opacity?

So - a default layer seems to show Opacity 1.00. Then when I enable the curve editor it jumps to 50.0.

The Curve Editor seems to be scaled to show a 0-100 range.

The useful Opacity range seems to be 0-1. (therefore the curve editor is not usable for setting the level)

But - an image layer with opacity 0.0 comes on with a glow, especially on top of another layer. Looks like a pre-multiplied sort of error.

EDIT - the glow issue seems to be that the canvases in the Basic Usage template are in pre-multiplied mode not Default. Changing that render mode allows cross-fades to work except that the arbitrary z-order means that sometimes layers will be behind

To duplicate:
Make a new project based on Basic Usage template.

Add a still asset.

Make a layer for the asset in a new track at 1:00.

Set fade in to 5 seconds.

Run the timeline.

At 1:00 the still will pop onto the canvas and the fade up will start, but can be hard to see because the layer is there in some sort or keyed mode.

Using 4.4.7, on an updated Windows 11 machine with an RTX 3080 Ti, driver DCH

Hi @bwheaton ,

@Sara_Aleksieska will investigate the other issue, but I just wanted to answer that in the Curve window, you can set the min and max range at the bottom of the window.


That works, thanks. It does seem like every keyframe needs to be adjusted after changing that value.

Hey @bwheaton ,

I’m not quite so sure, are you modifying the Fade in value or the Crossfade value of the layer in your example?

If you use the Default render mode for the Canvases, the fades should appear without any glows. In most projects, the Default render mode should be enough.

In the Template projects, such as the Basic Usage one, the Canvas rendering mode is still set to BlendPremultiplied as this used to be the base mode. We can modify these templates to utilize the Default rendering mode for Canvases, since as you kindly pointed out, when it comes to fading, this is what is expected and used in most projects.

Thank you very much for your feedback.