Independent sources for eDMX fixtures in fixture placement?

Hello Mitja and all,

A question about eDMX fixtures associated with fixture placements. I have placed 87 fixtures of 5 different types in the visualizer using an OBJ. I used the size filter in the “Add eDMX fixture placement >> with obj” wizard, as described in the documentation. This created 5 different eDMX fixture placement objects, one for each type of fixture. However, now, when I select each fixture individually, there is no “source” tab in the Fixture Properties. I can only assign sources to the fixture placements, which assigns them to all fixtures associated with that fixture placement.

Is there a way to assign these sources to the fixtures individually? I would like to associate each fixture with different throwers, not according to their fixture type.


Hmm, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be at the moment. Your best bet seems to be to create different fixture placements for each group of fixtures belonging to one thrower.


Makes sense! Thanks Mitja.

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