Insert Imported Texture

Really basic question this time, but not finding an answer in the documentation – how do you add an imported texture to a layer/canvas? Texture Constructor seems like maybe the route but the file path on my imported image isn’t seeming to work with that node… trying Texture Setter but that requires an input…

Basically just trying to add glowing edges to a canvas by doing a Texture Add with a few of these .pngs

but can’t seem to get the .png into a canvas. Thanks as always for the help!

Nevermind, it’s “Image Reader” under Generators (didn’t look in there since in my experience generators don’t refer to imported assets?) Leaving the post up in case anyone is looking for the same thing!

Actually, now that I say that – layering the texture onto the canvas where I want it is tricky:

I’m trying to nudge this additive layer over to fit over the canvas that’s showing in the video output but can’t find a node to do that – any suggestions? Thanks!

Hello Sam,

It’s in texture generator category because it generates a texture from an image file. I do understand how that might be confusing sometimes though. Anyway, I always assumed people are just going to be using the Search bar in the menu.

You can use the X and Y inputs on the Render to canvas node to position the texture where you want. Then you can of course have a succession of several Render to canvas nodes to add several textures to the same canvas.

Or, what you could also do is use a Texture crop node and use negative values to create padding.

I hope this helps,