JSON Sharer unavailable


I am trying to share a variable from lightAct to Unreal but the JSON sharer does not seem to be available/visible. Are there specific settings to enable in order to reach that node? I am using the free lightAct version for now.


Hello Andrew,

First, apologies for not replying to you sooner. For some reason, in the last few days, we were not notified of the new posts.

Which version of LightAct are you running? Just today we released a new version 4.1.1 which has a better UE implementation. You can download it on our website, but please note UE implementation is still under heavy development as we are working on UE5 integration.

In short, there are UE Data Sender and Receiver nodes in the Devices window

One difference from LA3’s implementation is that the Handle name is fixed to LA2UECustomData.

The rest is pretty much the same and the implementation on Unreal’s side hasn’t changed.

In the layouts, you have Read Ue Data and Send Ue Data.

You can create the same kind of key-value pairs as in LA3.

Let us know how it goes and apologies for the late reply again.


Everything worked out fine thanks a lot!

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