Kinect20.dll missing

Copied from the old Lightact Answerhub.

I’ve downloaded the Preview version from your Lightact website but I seem to run into an error. Everything installs fine but when I try to start it, it says: “The program can’t start because Kinect20.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

I’ve reinstalled it but still have the same error. Anyway to start it without Kinect?

You don’t need an actual Kinect, but you do need to install Kinect SDK v2 (download link should be here).

There are a few other required 3rd party redistributables mentioned in the readme file that was included in the package. Just do an online search for these and you’ll easily find them.

Unfortunately, my Desktop is running on windows 7. I tried Kinect SDK 1.7, but no luck.

SDK 2.0 only runs on Windows 8 and above. Do you have a work around for this?

I will try it on another PC but would be good if it could also run on win 7.

Oh, I am sorry to hear that.

There is, unfortunately, no workaround for this at the moment. I made a note to mention Windows 8 or above as the system requirement in the readme file.