Layer playback controls

Is it possible to control the sequence playback from within Lightact. For example when a Layer finishes, is it possible to pause the entire sequence playback (or loop the layer) - I am thinking of the situation where we are waiting for some user interaction to continue or jump to another layer @ xxx time in the sequence.

thank you


There is no such node specifically yet. But it’s definitely a great idea and we will put it in for the v3.1.2.

You should be able to get a similar effect using If nodes together with Go to marker nodes. For example, if a certain condition is false, you keep jumping back to a certain marker, but when it become true you jump to a different marker.

Or, you simply structure the nodes in a layer so that it does one thing if a condition is false, and something completely else if it is true.

I hope these workarounds give you some ideas :+1:


Hi Jason,

In v3.1.2 (just released) we’ve included 2 new nodes:

  • Set Playback State either pauses or plays the Sequence
  • Set Layer State enables or disables a layer you selected in its properties on the right.