Layers to textures

Hello everybody, I was looking for a way to pipe in the output of layer to an other…
Basicaly feeding videolayer to an notch layer… because if i feed directly the video in the notch layer …
the video is process all along the duration of the notch layer… but I want to process and read this video only for an certain period of time…

Can somebody can help ?

Thanks !!


Hi @raphael ,

You can achieve this by using a global Texture variable:

  1. In the Video Layer, click on the + (plus) icon of a global variables group and select Texture.

  2. Insert a setter node into the layer.

  3. Feed the Video Texture into the setter node and give the node a lifeline.

  4. In the Notch Layer, dragging from the same global Texture variable, insert a getter node.

  5. Feed the Texture from the getter node to the desired node.

I hope this was helpful.