Legacy licence is not recognized anymore

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Our legacy licencing model allowed you to update the software for one year after you bought the licence. I understand you bought your licence more than a year ago which means that the current version of LightAct which was released in April cannot be used with your legacy licence.

If you don’t need the new features of the latest release, you can of course downgrade your LightAct installation to one of the releases that still work with your licence (let me know if you need installation files of previous LightAct releases).

If you want to use current or any future LightAct release you’ll need to purchase one of the new licences.


Thanks for the clarification. For now I’ll will work with the free version, as im still in the process of figuring out to what extend i can use Lightact in my project. Sending/Receiving OSC Messages is still possible in the free version right?

It should be, yes.

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