LightAct 3.3.2 - Changelog

Projection mapping

  • AutoBlend: a new window from where you can automatically calculate blend masks based on 3D objects the assigned projectors have in common. The window is accessed from Window->AutoBlend and the mask is accessed from the projector’s Layout.
  • Texture Softedge node has been added to default projector layout
  • You can enable anti-aliasing (MSAA) on projector content with varying number of pixel samples
  • In Texture Warp & Blend node you can reset any individual point to whatever is its default based on the perspective warp
  • Texture Polygon Mask node allows you to see all polygons and also which one of them is disabled.
  • Added horizontal Field of View setting in Projector’s View
  • Changed the default projector layout to better node order.


  • Order of point clicking has been changed so that you first click projected points and then virtual.
  • The corresponding projected point is now blinking based on which virtual point you need to click.


  • Added support for PosiStageNet, OptiTrack (rigid bodies) and BlackTrax (centroids)
  • Added support for grabbing TouchDesigner CHOP and TOP from shared memory.


  • Added support for MIDI timecode
  • If incoming Timecode (Art-Net or MIDI) has stopped you can now set LightAct to stop too with an additional Timeout setting.
  • Notch SDK has been updated to a version which doesn’t crash on the latest NVidia drivers.


  • Layer and node setup windows now show breadcrumbs-like information helping you know which layer or node you are working on
  • Page up&down keys cycle through windows on the same level. For example, between all Warp & Blend nodes or between all Layers…
  • If you hover over object’s gizmo (translate, rotate or scale) and press arrow keys the object will incrementally move, rotate or scale depending on the gizmo type. If you hold Shift while pressing arrow keys the increment will be 10 times smaller.
  • Translate gizmo can now switch between world and local (object’s) coordinate space.
  • Objects in the Visualizer can now be locked. This prevents you accidentally moving them.
  • You can jump around the timeline by clicking with the mouse.

New Nodes in Layouts

  • TD CHOP Listener: Reads channels sent from TouchDesigner’s Shared Mem Out CHOP.
  • TD TOP Listener: Reads textures sent from TouchDesigner’s Shared Mem Out TOP.
  • PosiStageNet Listener: Listens to tracker information sent with PosiStageNet protocol
  • Get Object Texture: Returns parent object, for example a video screen or a thrower, texture.
  • OptiTrack Rigid Body Listener: Listens to rigid body information sent with OptiTrack (Motive) protocol
  • BlackTrax Centroid Listener: Listens to centroid information sent from a BlackTrax tracking