LightAct 3.5.0

3.5.0 release focuses on CamCal - camera projector calibration feature, video capture and Stype and many other additional features.

New features

Projection mapping

  • CamCal: a camera projector calibration feature allowing you to quickly and automatically calibrate projectors based on a 3D model.
  • New content overrides: Circles & lines, Calibration points (outputs projector’s calibration points), Custom color
  • Added the ability to remove a calibration point or a pair of points.
  • Automatic calibration starts whenever you add a new pair of points.
  • Added the ability to drag a point and see the calibration updating in real-time.
  • Arbitrary order of clicking virtual and projected/physical points in projector/camera calibration is now possible.


  • Video capture: AJA, Blackmagic and Deltacast video capture cards are now fully supported.
  • Stype camera tracking is now supported.
  • uEye cameras are now supported.
  • Available input/output pixel count is shown in the upper left part of the window.

Content pipeline

  • Perspective thrower has been added. It works in real-time, so it can be set up to follow Stype data.
  • Parallel thrower has been upgraded to work in real-time.

Layer Layouts

  • Lua node has been upgraded to support more Lua libraries. Refer to user documentation for the exact list of supported libraries.
  • Custom events: you can now create custom event Setters and Getters.
  • New nodes: AJA, Blackmagic, Deltacast & Stype listener nodes, Stype splitter node, Set Thrower Data node.


  • QuickUI: all variables and events can be set to appear in QuickUI window. A real-time interface for interacting and controlling your installation.
  • Intro window dynamic help: when you open any of Sample project tabs, an adjacent section of the window shows relevant video tutorials.
  • New version available popup window now shows main new features of the new LightAct version.
  • Curve editor window has been updated.