LightAct 4.1.0

LightAct 4.1.0 is the second official release of LightAct 4. It brings several improvements and bug fixes to LightAct 4.0.0. Some of which are listed below.


LightNet and LightSync has been vastly upgraded. Now, all the servers in a cluster automatically reconnect on project open, the syncing is much better and asset transfer works much more robustly.


3DCal now uses an algorithm which tries to improve your point selection in order to give you the lower reprojection error.


A new feature is also calibration Fallback. It allows you to save your calibration point selection so that you can easily revert to it if you need to.

Projector Study

Projector study, Illuminance mode now properly considers AutoBlend’s mask.

Texture Mask node

With Texture Mask node, you can now create custom polygon gradient or uniform masks.