LightAct 4.4.0

It is our pleasure to introduce LightAct 4.4.0, in which you can expect a lot of highly requested features:

Marker List


Trigger the desired playhead state on the position of any chosen Marker.

Marker Actions


Configure marker actions within the Marker Properties and observe your Timeline executing these actions as the playhead is moving along.

Improved LightNet Window


Place machines from the same network in different independent LightNet clusters.



Both primary and secondary machines can edit the project without any limitations. Both types of machines now have the capability of enabling a video output from any other machine within the same LightNet cluster. This means that multiple people can work on the same project at the same time.

Expanded Real-time Edits


The amount of properties whose edits you can visualize in real time by other servers within the cluster has expanded.

Global layer crossfade


In the Project Settings → General tab, you can set the cross-fade time globally, for all layers at once.


We’ve improved selecting assets and other objects and entities in LightAct by index. This is incredibly useful if you want to control LightAct with DMX, OSC or any other incoming data stream.

Device By Index Node

The new Device by index node lets you select any Device by using its index number.

Adjustable Index Property

Adjustable index property

You can adjust the index value of different LightAct elements such as Assets, Objects, Canvases, and Devices.

‘By Index’ Nodes Improvements

‘By Index’ nodes improvements

You can now perform Filtering on Object By Index, Asset By Index, and Device By Index nodes within their Node properties.
Below the Filter property, you can also visualize a list of all elements of the filtered type available in your project.

Easier Learning Curve

New Template Projects


Two new template projects, Texture Processing, and Multiple Timelines are available.

Better Intro Window


LightAct’s intro window has been updated to be simpler and more straightforward.

New and Updated Workspaces


A new LightNet workspace has been added, and all other workspaces now include the Timeline Window.

Layer Template categories


Layer Templates have been organized into categories for smoother navigation.

Quick Tips for Timeline window


You can find Quick Tips for the Timelines window by clicking on the i icon, on the top right corner of the window.

New and Updated Nodes

Launch nDisplay

New Launch nDisplay node takes the command as currently saved in UnrealLink window and adds additional Cmd Line Arguments or Console commands.

Texture Blend


By unchecking the Stretch checkbox, the second input texture also obtains its original resolution.

Texture Softedge


By enabling the Transparent checkbox, the black soft edges will turn transparent.

String to Texture


Apply different fonts, which are locally saved on your machine, in the Node properties of the String to Texture node.

Other Improvements

Support for Chinese Characters


From LightAct 4.4.0 on, we have included support for Chinese characters.

Create New Output


In the Video Output window, you can right-click on the desired content and map it to a newly created Video Output with the same resolution right away.