LightAct 4 Early Access 10

LightAct 4 Early Access 10 is the last Early Access release before official 4.0.0 and as such it is packed with fixes and improvements reported by our ever expanding userbase.

Let’s go through some of the most important ones.

Better video playback

Video playback has been reworked from the ground up for better efficiency and performance. For example, scrubbing is now possible both backwards and forwards.

Layer fade in and out

Every layer has Fade in and out properties which makes it much easier to apply crossfades between layers.

BlackTrax improvements

BlackTrax integration is now capable of ingesting Location, rotation, velocity and acceleration.

It is also possible to transmit incoming BlackTrax stream from the master to the slaves.

Importing asset folders

You can now simply drag an entire folder of assets into LightAct’s window and they will all get imported simultaneously and organized into an asset library.

Better asset transfer in multi-server projects

We’ve significantly improved media asset management and transfer, so that you can be sure those large media files are getting distributed across the entire LightAct cluster.

Linear curves

In Curve window, you can now create both ‘curved/smooth’ curves as well as linear ones.