LightAct 4 Early Access 9

LightAct Early Access 9 is the one of the few remaining Early Access versions before we release the official 4.0.0.

This release has an improved stability, polished existing features and some very exciting new ones.

New Features


We released the new WebUI. It’s a browser-based user interface for end-users. It’s very simple to use and it automatically allows you to control, with immediate effect, all Global variables inside your LightAct project.

Sub-Frame Latency with Unreal Engine

LightAct can now ingest Unreal’s texture with sub-frame latency.

Cross-fade on timeline jumps

Initial implementation of cross-fade when jumping back and forth on the timeline. The property is set in the Project settings window.




  • BlackTrax beacons are now indexed by beacon name instead of a number.
  • Support for Chinese characters in asset, layer and marker names as well as some other entities inside LightAct.
  • Selection hierarchy of regions and sub-region in Canvas setup and Video output setup windows
  • Content regions and sub-regions are now created where you dropped them, not always in top left corner.
  • Improved playback of videos and image sequences.
  • User feedback cannot be sent if email is set to default
  • Importing a folder of assets automatically creates an asset library and puts all assets inside that library.
  • Various improvements in LightNet and LightSync workflows.
  • Device sender nodes now allow the user to select on which machine and NIC (if applicable) they will run.
  • OSC and BlackTrax now have Transmit to others checkbox
  • Ability to export image from Device texture receiving nodes

New nodes


  • Offset node


  • Smooth node


  • Increment node

Bug fixes

  • Various crashes related to non-standard parameters of Iris calibration
  • Crash on mapping a 3D object to a video output
  • LightNet project path not updating if you manually enter the path and press Enter
  • NDI receiver doesn’t find source when project is opened
  • Various LightNet change propagation fixes
  • Vec3 setter node doesn’t work
  • Setting a texture of an object causes a crash
  • Projector stuck in one of calibration patterns if the user tried to abort the calibration process
  • Crash on opening a LightAct project with an active Tracker node
  • Crash on unsuccessful initialization of RESTAPI endpoint
  • Clear buttons in tracker device nodes don’t worker
  • Undo messes up object’s rotation
  • Crash on deleting Blackmagic device node
  • Failed to open MIDI port if the port has been created after the device node