LightAct 4 Early Access

LightAct 4 is a culmination of many years of working on LightAct 3.

It’s a brand new version of LightAct that we’ve built from the ground up and it includes a totally revamped GUI, a much faster workflow and tons of new features and improvements.

Below we are mentioning the most important upgrades


  • dockable windows
  • save-able workspaces
  • drag and drop support across the board
  • snapping across the board

Core improvements

  • Output remapping
  • 10-bit display support
  • DMXIn: control anything with incoming DMX
  • OSCIn: control anything with incoming OSC
  • NDI 5 support
  • Spherical & cubical throwers
  • Completely customizable layer templates


  • FBX & OBJ support
  • NotchLC support
  • HAP, HAPa & HAPq support (in .mov containers)

Unreal Engine

  • Sub-frame latency
  • use .uproject or .exe packaged games as Unreal Assets


  • Create and manage LightNet clusters
  • transfer assets across cluster
  • frame-accurate playback syncing


  • Object tracking: Blacktrax, PSN, Optitrack, Vive
  • Camera tracking: Stype, Mo-Sys, nCam, FreeD, Stage precision
  • Video capture: Deltacast & Blackmagic
  • Others: UDP, TCP, OSC, MIDI

Download it here.

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