LightAct and Lua

Someone asked this over e-mail


I’ve been having quite a few crashes when attempting to develop Lua functions for LightAct – anything more complex than simply returning the input parameters seems to crash the program as soon as the associated lifeline runs – but I may be doing something wrong!



Lua functionality was developed quite some time ago and it seems only base Lua library was included by default. :blush: Now, we’ve included the following libraries: base, package, coroutine, string, os, math, table, bit32, io, ffi, jit.

I checked the lua script file you sent me and it seems to be working, but I could be wrong. It definitely doesn’t crash anymore :relieved:

This fix will be part of the next official release that’s scheduled for end of May/beginning of June, but please let me know, if you’d like me to send you an unofficial release sooner.