LightAct cannot receive input from UnrealEngine 4.20

So, I followed the tutorial series on YouTube about the Unreal Engine 4/Lightact connections throught Spout and I’ve read all the documentation from your website but I really can’t understand why my LA project cannot receive any signal from Unreal Engine!
I’m actually using the 4.22.3.
I hope someone knows my issue

Hello there,

Thanks for posting on our Answerhub!

Let’s try to pinpoint this issue a bit more precisely.

  1. can you try sending Spout with Spout demo sender program and see if you are receiving it in Lightact. If yes, then try receiving Spout from UE4 with Spout demo receiver program. The links to both are in the Troubleshooting section in our user guide
  2. when you say ‘cannot receive any signal’ what do you mean exactly? For example, does Spout reader node in Devices window say Inactive?
  3. Which Spout plugin version are you using and where and when (approximately) did you download it from (there are several forks on Github, that’s why I’m asking)?

Feel free to post some screenshots if you want.