Lightact Crash During UE Integration


I’m currently running Unreal Engine 4.20.3 and the latest version of the LightAct demo.

I’ve been following the LightAct to Unreal tutorials on YouTube, currently on video 3 of 13: - YouTube

I’m experiencing a crash in LightAct every time I send a texture to Unreal Engine.

However, when I send the texture from a Unreal to LightAct everything works fine.

Thank you!

Hi Roger,

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Let’s try to break this down to smaller steps first. Let’s see if Spout server in Lightact works on your end at all.

Could you please run demo Spout receiver that is part of the official Spout SDK available on Spout website?

Try to send a Spout stream from Lightact to Spout receiver and see if you can see it there. Please make sure that in the Spout receiver window it says Textureshare and not something else.

Let me know how it goes.



Hey Mitja, thanks for getting back to me!

I’m a bit confused. I’m not sure which Spout receiver window you’re talking about. Is it in Unreal or LightAct?

Hi @Ahexadron,

Sorry for the confusion: if you download and install Spout SDK from Spout website, you should find a new Spout icon on your desktop. When you double click it, you should see something similar to this:

Open the DEMO folder and in there run SpoutReceiver.exe. Make sure it says Textureshare in the window.

These 2 programs (SpoutReceiver.exe and SpoutSender.exe) are a useful tool for debugging Spout in general.

UPDATE: For a more detailed instructions please refer to Spout User Guide, which I updated today.

Let me know how it goes,

Thank you for clarifying Mitja! I’ll be back at Digital Ambiance next week and see if that works.

Thanks again!


Hey Mitja, how goes it? I just got back to Digital Ambiance today.

So, I have the Spout Receiver and Spout Sender open. Do you know how to change the settings to Textureshare in the Receiver?

  • Roger


Did you check the Spout User Guide link above?


I looked through it but I’m still a bit confused.

On a different note, is there a way to import 3D objects into LightAct like on this project?

Thanks again for all you’re help so far Mitja!

  • Roger


You can do it with the help of SpoutDXMode.exe program that’s included in the Spout SDK (the same one you downloaded for SpoutReceiver.exe and SpoutSender.exe programs).

Please have a look at the Texture sharing option chapter. There you’ll find a more detailed explanation.

As for the importing of 3d (.obj) files - there certainly is, but would you be so kind as to open a new topic?


Hey Mitja, finally got through the bug! I’m using a different computer now and it seems to have resolved the issue.

Thank you so much for all your help!

  • Roger