Lightact crashing after few hours

We are using Lightact 3.7.5 with creator perpetual license and have an installation running and Lightact is consistently crashing after a few hours.

We are looking for any insights as to why this might be happening.

Is there a limit for how long Lightact can run for or any settings to enable Lightact to run for long periods?


Hello Richard,

I’m sorry to hear about your issues.

No, there is no setting to allow LightAct to run for long periods. Usually it ‘just does’, however this doesn’t really help you, I know.

Can you please send over your project file and all the logs so that we can have a look? Feel free to send it over email or PM.

If I’m not mistaken, you are grabbing several UE Texture Shares from Unreal aren’t you?

Some things to try, if you have a chance:

  • Download the latest LightAct 3 and give it a go
  • try to disable UE texture share one by one and see if this resolves your issue.

All the best,