Lightact crashing at startup

I do see the Welcome window even tough I have never seen it load the “sample projects” or “news”

Other thing, I change my graphic card to a 1060 and it still doesn’t work, so it isn’t the graphic card, still this is the only computer with problems.

PD. I upload a video on my Drive of what exacly happens when I start Lightact, always the same.

Hello Julia,

Thank you for sending this over. The good thing (if we can call it that) is that apparently, your GPU is not the problem.

I would like to run a few more tests, if you can spare a few minutes.

I’ve made a preliminary v3.2.2. install. Do you think you could uninstall your current Lightact version and install this one?

Then if you could:

  1. try launching Lightact (most likely it will also crash)
  2. if it crashes, please go to C:\ProgramData\Lightact\Lightact3\logs (please note, that the address is not in the AppData folder anymore) and send me the log file. We’ve added some additional log entries, which should help us understand where your issue happen.
  3. go to C:\ProgramData\Lightact\Lightact3\cache and tell me if you have a bunch of images there and sampleProject.rss file
  4. try launching Lightact by double-clicking on lightact project file (I am attaching a very simple one - (9.9 KB)). Lightact should launch and immediately open the project file. Does it also crash? If so, can you send me the log file?

Lastly, please make sure that, if there are any crashes, you click on Send report button in the BugSplat window.

Let me know how it goes.

Many thanks!

Hello Mitja.
I installed version 3.2.2 and it didn’t crash, not even with RTX 2080, so is great and magnificent news.
I will continue working for a while and keep you updated if anything happens. I will like to thank you for your support in this process if you need anything else I will gladly like to help.
For now, we will continue developing our project and in a couple of weeks purchase some license.

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I’m glad to hear although, in all honesty, I don’t know exactly why it started to work now, if it didn’t before. :smiley: :champagne::fireworks:

Anyway, if anyone else is experiencing the same problems (Lightact crashing when it starts to show Welcome window) try with v3.2.2 on the link above. It is going to be released officially in a few weeks though.


Funny - same issue happened to me… seem that the 3.2.2 install works fine as well.

Yeah, the issue seems to be the logging function which in v3.2.1 is not working as it should (it crashes when too many logging calls happen at the same time). However, in the meantime, we’ve created an updated preliminary v3.2.2 release, which you can find below. Please use this one until the official v3.2.2 release.

Many thanks!


Just a note to everyone that this should be fixed in v3.2.2 that’s been released today. If anyone experiences this again, be sure to let us know.

p.s. above drive files have been un-shared.

Cheers (and thanks for reporting),