Lightact Crashing when Enabeling Output

I am using LightAct4 EA7
Each time I enable my output to my projector (x3840 y0), LA4 crashes instantly.

I have changed my display settings to 1920x1080 so my projector is located at x1920 y0 but this still crashes LA4.

I have done this setup with a brand new download and new files just projecting the colourgrid and everytime I enable any output onto my projector LA crashes.

However, I am able to send data to the projector through nDisplay from Unreal Engine in 4k so I don’t believe it is a GPU problem.

Any help is much appreciated!

With further testing, any output other than my main monitor crashes LA.
I tested with a second monitor through HDMI and DP and both crashed when attempting to enable output to that region.

Hello Anthony,

Can you please share a video of your crash as well as the project file and the logs?


We have swapped machines for our testing and the second machine works perfectly outputting 2 additional projectors.

The second machine has an RTX3090 whereas the first has an RTX2080, so our conclusion was a GPU issue.
Although I have output video from my old home pc with a GTX1070 before so I dont know how the 2080 was freezing and crashing, either way we are currently able to progress with our troubleshooting.

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Awesome. I’m glad you got it working. Like you said, it would be weird if the GPU itself would be a problem. My (wild) guess is that it’s a driver issue.

Might be worth checking out which driver versions are installed on both machines.