LightAct Manager available for start version?

Lightact Manager available for start version ?
Pro Version only?

Automatic playback based on a schedule at a certain exhibition facility
I want to do projection mapping.
In this case, is it best to use LightactManager to autoplay?

Do I need a USB dongle to use lightact manager?
Or is it possible to play only the .la file set in the PRO version(or Start Version)?

Hello Atsushi,

Thank you for posting and welcome to LightAct Answerhub!

LightAct Manager is available only for Pro licenses, however, what you are describing seems to be possible just with LightAct.

Have a look at the Layout below, for example:

Here, we are taking the current system time, and checking if it is between 15h (3pm) and 23h (11pm). If it is, we execute Render to Canvas node.

So with this kind of logic, you can schedule automatic playback (or anything else, for that matter).

The functionalities of LightAct Manager are as follows:

  • automatic start & playback of a specified LightAct project (.la file) whenever Windows boots up
  • checking if LightAct crashed and if it did, it can restart the project automatically
  • you can also schedule automatic system restarts if you want

So Manager (and WebUIs) are meant for installations that are to be run 24/7 with minimal supervision.

I hope this helps, but if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.


Thank you very much.
I will challenge it when the new year comes.

When storing the environment where the projection mapping is set at the client,
If you want it to run as an autoplay player there,
Does it mean that a license and a USB dongle will be needed in that location?


Exactly. In order for the watermark to disappear a dongle with a license will be needed.

You can create your project completely in Free version, but once you need the watermarks to disappear you need to connect a dongle with a license with sufficient number of outputs.

I hope this helps, but if you need additional information, please let me know.



Our project will performs a 365 day projection mapping excluding museum closing days.
Schedule to operate projection mapping once an hour every day.

・automatic start & playback of a specified LightAct project (.la file) whenever Windows boots up

With the Litghact Start license, is it difficult to automatically play after Boots Up the windows?

In this case, is Pro Lisence & Lightact manager the best choice?


It might be that using a Pro server is the best choice, because it comes preinstalled with:

  • LightAct (including the dongle, of course)
  • LightAct Manager
  • LightAct WebUIs, which are, in my opinion at least, crucial for End-User interaction with the installation. Whenever we were doing installs ourselves, the last 1-2 days are usually devoted to building WebUIs so that the End-User can easily control the installation (switch it off, override the schedule in some way etc.)

Let me know if you need any other information.