Lightact unable to startup

I try install LightAct 4.2.2 to a laptop, but I cant start the program.

VC++ 2015 and CodeMeter are installed.

I record the situation, also with my system information, apps list, windows log and lightact logs:


Hi @keithho ,

Thank you for sending all of this to us. I looked at the logs, but they didn’t tell me much, I’m afraid.

I have 2 ideas at the moment: try to run LightAct 4.2.2 in Administrator mode and see if it makes a difference? There were some users who reported this behaviour on their computers.

The list of prerequisites in our Readme file is a bit outdated, I’m afraid. Can you please install all of these redistributables:

Let me know if this helps in any way.

Administrator mode does work!
Thanks again.

Hi @keithho ,

Thanks for letting me know. If it’s not too much to ask, does the same behaviour happen with LightAct 4.2.1 or LightAct 4.2.0?

If you could spare the 5 minutes to download it from the link above and give it a try it would help us try to solve this issue.


I’m more than happy to help.
In same manchine, 4.2.1 and 4.2.0 can run without administrator mode. Also it seems like only the first time startup need to use administrator permission; since I can start the program without admin now.

Here are logs if any helps:

Thanks for the logs.

This leads me to believe the issue could also be resolved by going to C:\ProgramData\Lightact\Lightact4 and deleting these folders:
That’s in case the issue reappears or if anyone else encounters it.


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