LTC Sync playback issue

I’m trying to set different timecode offset on sequences. For example sequence1 start at 1:0:0:0, sequence2 start at 2:0:0:0, so I set the timecode offset of sequence1 to -1:0:0:0 and sequence2 to -2:0:0:0. When the LTC running at 1:0:0:0 everything is fine, but at 2:0:0:0, the sequence 1 is also playing, the other issue is when I pause the LTC, the playhead is still running towards negative.

This is what happened when LTC is at 2:0:0:0, it triggers the sequence1

Hi @strngluv ,

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Let me see if I understand correctly:

  1. You are receiving LTC data in LightAct, initially set to 02:00:00:00.
  2. Then, you want Sequence 1 to start at time 01:00:00:00, so you set the Timecode offset parameter to -01:00:00:00.
  3. Finally, you want Sequence 2 to start at time 00:00:00:00, so you set the Timecode offset parameter to -02:00:00:00.

Is this right? If I understand correctly, the issue is that once the LTC starts running, Sequence 1 plays as if you have set its offset to -02:00:00:00, instead of -01:00:00:00, is this true?

Regarding the issue that occurs when you pause LTC - we were able to reproduce this in our office, which means we should be able to fix it, thank you very much.

p.s. I just wanted to confirm, you are using the latest version of the software, which is LightAct 4.4.4-0, correct?


yes I’m using 4.4.4-0

Yes the sequence1 play as if I have set the offset to 2:0:0:0

Hi @strngluv ,

Thank you for confirming.

Is this behavior something that occurs just on this specific project, or is it something you can reproduce every time you open a new project?

Since we are having difficulties reproducing the issue in the office, I would kindly ask you to send us a project file in which you are able to reproduce the issue to

Also, may I ask, which LTC device are you using to send TC data to LightAct?


I have sent the project file to support mail, please have a look.