Move object with OSC

I’m looking to move objects in lightact with OSC. I manage to create variables with a slider but I would like to have a button to move it from point A to point B.
Does anyone have a solution?
thank you in advance.


First I would like to ask, what is your workflow? Are you using a third party application to create variables with a slider and then you read them in LightAct?

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Yes that’s right, I use the touch OSC application. With a slider I get variables from 0 to 1. But with a button I only get 1 and I can’t get an on/off like with the “key up/down” command for the keyboard.

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In that case, I would recommend using LightAct’s ‘If’ node.

I assume the variables you are receiving are of type float.

Our solution would be the following: if you receive variable ‘more than 0.000’, you move your object to position A:

and if you receive variable 0.000, you move your object to position B:

I hope this helps!

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