Multiple images with alpha in a single Canvas

I would like to overlay several images with an alpha on a single screen. It seems that I cannot superimpose more than two then I have no more transparency. I tried with four “Render to canvas” and two layers with two “Render to canvas” each. I get the same problem in both cases.
Do you have a suitable solution to my problem?
Thanks in advance.

I make this diagram but it does not work perfectly.

Hello, I don’t think you should use the Blend node. You should render directly to the texture to achieve the functions you need.
But it seems that there are some bugs. One canvas can only have one transparent channel. I think there should be countless bugs. The bug LightAct team should be able to solve them.
You can test according to my method. Good luck!


This issue should be fixed in 4.1.0 (just released).

All the best,