nDisplay MPCDI File


I am wondering what ways we can get an nDisplay MPCDI file using LightAct?
Is there a way to get it via 2D Calibration (using Warp/Softedge)?
What ways are there?

Thank you!


There is a way for you to get MPCDI files from LightAct with 2D or 3D projection mapping, but it is important to understand what is included in the MPCDI files.

The key difference is that when LightAct creates MPCDI files, each projector is represented as an nDisplay camera. Hence, each projector has a different point of view. This is useful where, for example, you are trying to project on 3D objects, that are replicated in Unreal Engine.

If, on the other hand just want to project Unreal camera onto a wall or something, then this approach is not really suitable. We have some improvements lined up down the line though…

The only way I can think of to achieve this is to create a 3D model of your wall in Unreal Engine and texture it with the output of your Unreal camera. You could perhaps do it by using a Scene Capture that follows UE camera around and use this to create a material which would be applied to the wall.

Then, you could import the same 3D model of your wall into LightAct, use it to calibrate your projectors and proceed with a 3D projection mapping approach.

I hope this make sense,

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