New User, Basic Issues

Hi there, I’m a new Light Act user coming from previously using Disguise. I’ve watched the tutorials for video playback to screens. In my test project I have successfully set up color to texture through to the screen, but when I try to add a video reader node, the video chosen (.avi) doesn’t show up on the canvas or screen, or under the render to canvas node. I’m sure it’s a simple, stupid thing I’m missing. Let me know please, thanks!


Thank you very much for posting!

The first thing to check would be if the layer is actually active (the connections should be ‘breathing’).

If that’s the case you might be trying to use an unsupported codec? Please try first with a basic H264 mp4 video file to check.

Let me know how it goes.

All best,

Thank you-I do see the connections ‘breathing’ and I tried switching from an avi to mp4, and still nothing shows up…


That’s good to hear. Can you please post a screenshot of the properties of the Video reader and let me know whether you managed to try with an mp4 file?


Yeah I have an mp4 in there now

A.J. Wedding
Orbital Studios


Have you pressed play? Otherwise please feel free to send over your project file.

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Mitja (13.3 KB)


Thank you very much for sending this over. I was able to open the file, import an mp4 & a mov file and render it to canvas as you can see below:

I’m sorry I cannot be of more help, but I would dare to assume that your .mov file (Reflection in a skyscraper) is encoded in a codec that is not supported. Would that be a possibility?