Particle systems - obj

Is it possible to link a 3d mesh object to a particle system? For example I have imported an obj file into my Assets but I don’t see how to link this to the Texture input of my particle system. (Followed the tutorial and am able to get the perlin noise working ok)
thank you again

Hi Jason,

At the moment it is not possible to use imported OBJ files in Lightact’s 3D scenes.

If you want to do that I would suggest looking at Unreal Engine where you’ve got many more options. Niagara VFx is their latest feature aimed at particle systems. I believe it was introduced in 4.20.

A bit of background about Lightact’s real-time capabilities:
Internal real-time rendering capabilities of Lightact are aimed primarily at lighting installations. In those, the pixel counts (and the resolutions) are very low compared to a typical video installation. For example, a lighting installation with a 100 DMX universes is usually considered a relatively big one. However, that is only 17 thousand RGB pixels compared to several million in a typical video screen. In such low resolutions Lightact’s particles are usually more than enough.

We do realise that Lightact’s real-time rendering capabilites are not enough for most video-based installations (they were actually not designed for them). For those, we usually encourage users to use Unreal Engine as the real-time rendering engine.

Ok. Thank you very much :slight_smile: