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I have a technical question about the virtual model scale vs physical model scale,

to describe what i’m going to do :

I have an UE4 model that is extend on 500 meter by 500 meter which match the real location of the buildings, My physical scale model is on 1 meter by 1 meter,

looking at the nDisplay config file generated from Lightact it defines the position and rotation of the calibrated projectors.

Does that mean my UE4 model should be 1 meter by meter 1?

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That would be the most straightforward way yes, so that both LightAct model and unreal engine are the same scale as your physical model.

You could probably also make it work where LightAct model is 500 by 500, but calculating blend masks at such distances can get tricky.

The general rule is that unreal and LightAct models should have the same scale, location and rotation.

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