Playing video from the beginning by a command

Someone asked this over email

Is there a way to run video on some key, osc or other command independently from time line? I see there is an option ignore pause but how could I run video by a key stroke and from the beginning everytime?

Yes, there is:

So the main thing is a Custom Event that we named “Restart video”. It sets a playVideo? boolean variable to false, which momentarily causes the video playback to stop (see the If node above). However, because it is false, it is set back to true immediately, which causes the video playback to start again and as we have set Ignore layer time boolean input of the Video Reader node to true, it means it will always start from the beginning (or actually from whatever you type into the Start at float input).

As we have exposed the Restart video custom event to QuickUI you can easily restart it by pressing the Restart video button in the QuickUI window.