Plugging In Unreal Content to 3D Objects In Lightact

Hey Mitja,

Is there a way to insert content from Unreal Engine onto a 3D object in LightAct?

LightAct is reading content from Unreal on the Video Screen.

Can I redirect this content onto a 3D object like this ring.

Sure, you just have to save the texture you received from Spout to a texture variable (using a Texture setter node) and then set this variable as the Source of your 3d object (you do that in its object’s properties on the right).

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Hey Mitja,

I just got back to DA and I’m a little lost. Anyway you could provide some screenshots to walk me through this?

I would be happy to help.

So what you are trying to do is to apply a texture you received from UE4 to an imported obj model that you placed in the Visualizer?


Hi Roger,

I went ahead and made 2 screenshots showing what I think you are trying to achieve.

In the Layer Layout you have to connect your Spout listener to a Texture setter node where you have to select the Texture variable you want to use.

Then, in the Visualizer, select the OBJ and in its Source tab select the same Texture variable.

Let me know if this helps.

Okay cool, thank you so much Mitja! I’m headed to DA in a little. I’ll try it out then.