Problems with nDisplay in UE 4.25

Hi there,

I’ve calibrated my projectors successfully using 3DCal and exported a config file via UnrealLink. When I import it into nDisplay launcher, it warns me that the file format is out date, and can be upgrade, I ignore the upgrade and use file as exported.

I’m using UE 4.25.4 and the nDisplay template project. My scene is empty except for a few light and the model I calibrated against in 3Dcal. The transform in UE matches that in Lightacts (0,0,0) location and (0,0,0) rotation.

When I launch the project using the nDisplay launcher, I am not seeing my model anywhere in the projector’s view.

I saw some posts regarding issues with scaling and I’ve tried to use a cube to match the scale as suggested but I’m still having difficulty getting anywhere close in UE to what I see in Lightact after calibrating w 3DCal.

What I’d love to do is basically recreate the projector from Lightact in UE as a camera that I can then output through the projector. Is that something I can do or is the only option to use ndisplay?

If nDisplay is the only option, how can I resolve the issues with my model not appearing / appearing very out of calibration?

I also saw talk of a new unreal workflow coming in 3.7.0… any chance that will provide a fix / might be something one could check out early?

Thank you very much for the help!

Hello Nicko,

Thanks for posting on our Answerhub.

If you are absolutely sure that locations, rotations & scale of your objects match, then a culprit could be ‘player start’ actor you might be using.

The position of nDisplay’s cameras depend on location of the player in the game (hence if you move your mouse or the player with your keyboard, the projection usually gets messed up). So, my suggestion is to make sure that the player starts in 0,0,0. Also, if the player in your game, for example, is moving in any way, it will affect the location of your nDisplay cameras = projectors.

In general, the approach to finding out what is wrong in your particular setup is to find out where ndisplay’s camera is and comparing it with where it should be.

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