Project settings dmx

Good morning.
It has happened to me several times that I cannot change Project settings->DMX to the arnet interface.

I have two network interfaces: for internet for Arnet.

If by some event the arnet network cable is disconnected, the project selects the other network and we can no longer switch to the arnet network.

In Project settings it cannot be changed because the selection options are not activated when we disable arnet in the corresponding tab.
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Eduardo Cueto

Hi @Cueto ,

What was the state of the DMX Out window at the time of taking the screenshot? Namely, if you are sending DMX Data, then the DMX Tab in the Project Settings will not be editable.

As a quick note, the Network tab in Preferences window is actually not related to DMX Project Settings, but is associated with LightAct’s multi-server functionality.


Perfect “Send Dmx” was on.
Could Keyboard Shortcuts have been activated by some mistake?

But I know where to look if it happens again.
thank you so much

All the best

eduardo cueto

Hey @Cueto ,

There is no dedicated shortcut for enabling “Send Dmx” checkbox in the DMX Out window.

I’m glad you found this helpful.