Projection Mapping - Fine Tune 3D Cal

Hi there,

After some calibration operation, I’m pretty satisfied of the Light Act precision but some details are not always on the spot where they are supposed to be. (Like some windows or cornice…)

Now the question is:
Is it possible to fine tune the calibration of the Videoprojector in light act to improve the Calibration and have something even more precise ?

Thks a lot !

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The main gauge of calibration precision is Recalibration error. How much is it in your case?

The idea is that you should push it as low as possible and then you can still fine tune by using Texture Warp & Blend node.

There you can manually warp your content.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for the fast answer (as always :slight_smile: )
Does this feature available with the UnrealLink option?
If Yes, I will try and make you feedback soon!

Ah, yes, sorry. Forgot you are using UnrealLink. No, I’m afraid there is no manual correction option with UnrealLink (yet :wink: )


:grin: no probs.
So I just have to calibrate it better,
Thnk for the support !