Projection Mapping Math

I’m trying to figure out how to calculate the number of projectors I need for a project and it seems like each manufacturer has a separate way of doing so. Is there a standardized way of doing this? What would that formula be?


Thanks for your post.

Projection study is part of the upcoming 3.7.0. release. It should be released this week.


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Would that feature allow for calculating the number of projectors needed for different types of projects and structures and where to place them in physical space for each setup Mitja?

That’s more or less the exact purpose of it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to using it!

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Hi Meetya, could you provide more detailed info on how LightAct 3.7.0 can be used to determine the number of projectors required for a project and their individual placement, prior to a project?

I’ve had a look at the announcement video and it doesn’t mention how this can be done, in reference to your earlier reply about projection study.

I’ve several possible projects coming up that range from mapping a 9m sculpture that has a mix of convex and concave surfaces and another possible project for mapping an 18m wall, and it would be helpful to have a tool I can depend on for technical support.

Also, do I need Iris for the projection study feature? If yes, how many would you suggest?


The documentation for projection study is a bit lacking (huge understatement), but you can have a look at this article.

I’ll try to make a tutorial on the next few days though.

And no, you don’t need to get Iris just for that.

You simply import your projection objects, places them in the visualiser together with all the projectors, enable projector study and go from there.

Please try poking around a bit and feel free to ask for further guidance and I’ll work on that tutorial.

I hope this helps (for now)