Recommended PC specs for 10-20 eDMX (ArtNet) universes, plus 7x 4K video displays?

Hi all,

I am spec’ing a system to run 7x 4K video displays, as well as a number of ArtNet universes using LightAct. It will likely be between 10 and 20 universes.

This is what I was thinking:

CPU: 12-Core Intel i9
GPU: 2 cards, 48 GB VRAM each (nVidia Quadro RTX8000 or comparable)’
OS: Windows 10

I haven’t used LightAct as this scale before (or, at all, really), and would appreciate any recommendations! The application will also be syncing with Unity on a separate PC via UDP, but I don’t imagine that will add much additional processing load.

Thanks so much!


The system sounds great!

UDP messaging definitely won’t add much load, but may I ask what is actually the content? Is it videos?



Hi Mitja,

Great, thanks! Is it overkill by any chance…?

No, not sending videos to Unity. Just sending the sequence timecode – currently, the seconds as a float.