Remapping DMX universes on output?

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I am working on an installation with 11x ArtNet nodes, each with 8x outputs / universes, and each on a separate IP address. So, I have a total of 88 universes in my LA file, and had set the starting universes for the 11x nodes in the Devices panel like this:

Node 1, 8 ports, start universe 1
Node 2, 8 ports, start universe 9
Node 3, 8 ports, start universe 17 etc.

When testing the lights with the nodes, we found that the hardware required the universes to be numbered 1-8. However, if all of my LA fixtures were on universes 1-8, they would all overlap and conflict with each other.

Is there any way to “remap” the universe numbers on output from LA? Ideally, I would still have universes 1-88 in LightAct, but each group of 8 universes would be remapped to the range 1-8 for each node.

(We are also reaching out to the hardware manufacturer to see if we can handle this on the hardware side.)

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In the first versions of LightAct back in the day, we used universe numbering as you described, but we changed it to what is, I believe, Art-Net standard.

At the moment, it is not possible to change this in LightAct.


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